Caught in My Faith Filter

October 26, 2009

We all have guiding principals or beliefs or passions that direct our decisions.

Jesus said where my treasure is, that’s where my heart is. So if Jesus is truly my heart’s passion, then my treasures (my time, my talent, and my money) should be spent on His agenda, His passion.

So what is His agenda? For me to know Jesus and to teach others to know Him. The kind of “knowing” that springs up worship for Jesus. The gospel is simple. Jesus is the Messiah, and we need to believe to be saved.

And I filter everything through this belief.

So last year when I sat in a Bible study where they taught Jesus came to this world to preach about the Christian world view, this teaching did not make it through my “faith filter”.

The study went on to teach the “correct” worldview regarding science, philosophy, history, and even political government and exhorting the people to go out to the world and share these views. I felt the study shoved Jesus in the back room so that they can change the world by changing people’s worldview.

If Jesus came to preach the “correct” worldview, why did he spend so much time talking about who He was? Why didn’t He write the book of the correct worldview for the whole world to know?

His Great Salvation changes us from the inside. He gives us a new heart. He gives us His Spirit. He gives us the love of the truth. He makes us new creatures, spiritually born again.

Knowing/believing “the Christian worldview”, even if one could define it, isn’t the same thing as knowing Jesus.