We’re Not Alone

I co-lead a weekly inductive Bible study for women at our church. After class, one of the ladies (I’ll call her Emma*) asked me if I searched for a new church.

I was surprised by the question because Emma* and her husband are very involved in our church. They are leaders of a couple of ministries. So I’m thinking maybe she’d heard about my disagreement with what was being taught at another Bible study, not suspecting she’d been thinking of leaving our church.

I answered that I haven’t actively searched. Then she shared with me her frustrations with people not pursuing the truth in the Word, and actually discouraging all discussions regarding doctrinal issues. Several of her friends already left our church.

While I’ve felt the same frustrations, I decided that my church was my mission field. God had not told me to leave. And as long as the opportunity is here to teach the inductive Bible study where we can dig into the truth and train others to accurately divide the Word, I see the value in staying.

But we agreed, at times, it feels like we are all alone in seeking Jesus. What an encouragement to know that we’re not alone!


2 Responses to We’re Not Alone

  1. Isn’t it, though! I’ve had some bad news on various fronts this month and my friends and even strangers like yourself have been kind. I wanted to stop in and say hello and thank you.
    I noticed you’ve got a query coming up on the Open Query Slush Pile. Is yours the one set in Seoul?

  2. Gina Logue says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Yes, Heart in Seoul is mine. I was a little nerveous about posting my query for the whole world to critique, but I’m glad I did. The comments have been very helpful.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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