My Novel Journey So Far (part 3)

After I completed my second draft, I joined online critique groups. I learned some. Judge comments from writing contests also offered lessons. 

Then I joined ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and signed up for one of their critique groups. The ladies in my critique group are awesome and help me to grow. One day, I would love to see all of us have our stories published. Having a support group makes an impossible dream seem possible.

So what did I learn during my writing journey so far?

● There is so much to learn about the craft of writing.

● When I started writing my story down, I never thought I could finish. I learned that I could write a novel length.

● Learning to write is a process. Whenever I had a light-bulb moment, I asked why didn’t I see that before? Because I wasn’t able to “get it” until I was ready, no matter I much I tried to cram.

● The internet offers a lot of information for those who are willing to learn.

I don’t know if God plans for me to be a published writer. Regardless, I’ve had so much fun throughout my journey to write a novel and I thank Him for giving me this joy.


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