A Gift from God

When I was pregnant with my son, I prayed everyday that my baby would be born with a sweet heart, a heart that would love God.

And God answered my prayer. My son does love God and he has a sweet heart. He is a gift from God and an absolute joy. Ok, I’ll admit when he was a baby, I was just trying to survive his colic-y screams, diaper changes, and tamper tantrums. I loved my baby, but it was difficult to feel joy when sleep deprived and dead tired.

As my son’s vocabulary and mobility developed, his personality seeped out more and more. And his sense of humor was one more dimension of him that I really grew to love and appreciate. Watching my son, I realize once again that God is an abundant gift-giver.

It’s interesting to watch my son as he grows. He was born with blue eyes. That was totally unexpected. Yes, I had heard all Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. Yes, my husband has blue eyes. But I didn’t think my baby, born of a Korean mom, would have blue eyes. Now at twelve years old, he has big hazel eyes.

We live in a Midwestern state where minorities are truly minority here. My son attends a Christian school where students are mostly white and all of his teachers are white. He has always been very proud of his Korean heritage and tells his friends and teachers that he is part Korean. But because he doesn’t have Asian features, mainly slanted
, no one believes him until I come to school. Although, people tell me that he looks more and more like me as he grows older.

After the last spring concert at school, my son and I were walking down the hall. I caught a girl starring at me then at my son with curiosity. I’m sure she was surprised that my son has an Asian mom. She smiled and said to me, “Oh! You do look like him!” LOL. Kids are so blunt and funny.


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