My First Inductive Bible Study

I had a tennis buddy, Janice. At least six inches taller than me and super athletic, Janice was intimidating when she stood on the other side of the tennis court, even without her trash talking. During warm ups, she’d say things like, “Gina girl, I’m gonna beat you. I’m gonna beat you baaaaad.”

I really miss her trash talk. 🙂

The only advantage I had on her was youth. I was about 15 years younger and could run all over the court and still outlast her. But when we competed as a team, I really appreciated her “intimidating” presence.

Janice and I also used to work at the same place and quite frequently had lunches together. Many times, we talked about our games, the previous or upcoming matches. One day, she asked me if I believed in heaven or hell, and what I believed would happen to me if I died.

Janice was not a believer at the time, which goes to show that God uses anyone for HIS purpose. I answered her questions honestly and was very curious about the Bible study she was involved in. Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that the so called Christians didn’t study the Bible. My friend invited me to come and check it out. I agreed.

On Tuesday evening, when my husband drove me to the home where the Bible study group met, I regretted my decision to come. He pulled into the driveway and waited for me to get out of the car.

“I don’t think I want to go,” I said to Andrew.

“I drove you all the way here so you’re going.”

His swift verbal push was the only thing that forced me out of the car. Once inside, I witness the most amazing Bible study—not just any Bible study, an inductive Bible study—which amazed me. Why? Because they were studying the Bible. Not commentaries. Not a magazine or a pamphlet. Not even a book written by people with their interpretation of the Bible. I was used to those studies, but no, this study was nothing like what I experienced.

They were studying the book of Romans. The Words were read directly from the Bible. To better understand the text, similar verses were cross references—guess from what book?—from the Bible. A study that let God’s Word interpret His Own Words. This impressed me, and that is the only thing I remember about that night.


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